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About Us

Setting the Standard for Excellence and Value. Established 2004


Seal 'n Lock System Corporation is a manufacturer of sealing, cleaning and specialty coating products for the hardscape, marine, and other industries. Our goal, as a company, is to provide the highest quality products available that are environmentally friendly.

A note from Richard Colletti, innovator of the Seal ‘n Lock System:

It has been said “Knowledge is Power." The more we learn, the more we know, the more successful our business becomes. We learned early, through our experience in the concrete paver cleaning and sealing business, there was a real need for a better way of doing the job. We began developing a process with compatibly designed sealers that would reap numerous benefits for our business, our customers, our health and the environment. It was time to change the concrete paver cleaning and sealing industry.

Pavers are a lifetime investment. Manufacturers and installers receive one chance to sell or install their respective products. After installation, protecting this lifetime investment requires regular maintenance. This need gave birth to the cleaning and sealing industry which continues to grow year after year. Those in the industry have an exciting opportunity to sustain a lucrative business by enhancing and prolonging the life of the pavers.

The outdated method of cleaning and sealing pavers is cumbersome at best. Most of these sealers require 2-5 days to complete the job, depending on weather and drainage conditions. After pressure washing, the pavers had to dry completely, the joints resanded, and then the solvent based acrylic sealers could be applied. The dependency on weather resulted in loss of time. Time is money! This was and is the leading contributor to a high failure rate in the sealing business.

I know this from personal experience. My business certainly suffered as a result. I ran from one job site to another several times per job to determine if a paver area was dry enough to be sealed. Then, I would re-sand the joints, hoping that the sand would not coagulate from the moisture in the spacer joints, which would require my return yet another day. Even after insuring the surface was dry enough, I still incurred problems with pavers turning white in certain areas due to poor drainage. That was when I decided to step in and create a new process with unique sealers that could be applied immediately after pressure washing and sanding, leaving no chance for the pavers to turn white. No more down time!

We began testing some of the water based sealers available in the marketplace. We applied one of those products on a 550 sq. ft. pool deck. The total cost for the sealer was impractical (about $400) and we lost money. Worse than that, some of the pavers still turned white while others lacked enhancement.

We expanded our research to Germany (where paver manufacturing originated). We worked with chemical companies that produce chemicals for the industry. I explained the paver sealing conditions existing in the United States, expressing the need to stabilize sand joints, provide a protective barrier and long lasting enhancement.

After years of rigorous field testing with a number of chemical companies, we were proud to introduce our unique, user-friendly “All In One Day” process and environmentally safe products. Using our process and products, pavers can be pressure washed, joints sanded and two coats of sealer can be applied in the same day with no down time and no chance of the pavers turning white. The sealing industry is now able to work all year round in a healthy environment while completing the job “All In One Day”.

Seal ‘n Lock manufactures our products in our main blending facility and warehouse in Odessa, Florida.

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