What is the Best Paver Sealer for a Wet Look?

Paver sealers offer many benefits for your newly laid walkway, driveway, or patio. By filling the porous surface of your pavers with an acrylic polymer, paver sealers will protect them from dirt, grease, and grime. Without a sealer, your pavers will be much more susceptible to stains. In fact, stains can move so deeply into your pavers that they become impossible to clean.

But that’s not all that a good paver sealer will provide you. They also give you the option to transform your pavers’ look with various finishes. They can amplify your pavers’ natural colors and even offer high-gloss sheens. No matter what look you want, you can find a paver sealer that can achieve it.

The Beauty of a Wet Look Paver

If you want to transform your paver patio or walkway from plain and drab to eye-catching, few finishes are better than a wet look. They’ll add contrast to your pavers, darkening your deeper colors while adding bright, eye-catching highlights – especially when any lights are shining on it.

But as you likely know, there are dozens and dozens of potential sealers that you could use. How do you pick the best paver sealer for the wet look you want?

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect wet look sealer, these are the qualities that you should be searching for…

The Best Paver Sealer for Wet Look is Easy to Use…

By applying your paver sealer yourself, you can save money and the hassle of hiring someone. If you’re capable of painting a wall, you’ll be capable of installing a water-based paver sealer. However, not all sealers are made the same.

This is why, when looking for the best paver sealer for a wet look, you’ll want to find a sealer that’s easy to use. Some paver sealers are difficult to apply or require specialized equipment. But there are plenty of options available that can be applied by any reasonably skilled DIYer. So, look for documentation that the manufacturer may include on the sealer’s packaging or on their website that might give you a hint about the product’s ease-of-us.

The Best Paver Sealer for Wet Look has the Look You Want…

When you’re searching for a paver sealer, make sure to look for the right finish. Even though a particular product may say ‘wet look’, that doesn’t mean that it will look just like every other wet look sealer. Just as different paints or stains offer different qualities of finish, the same is true of wet look paver sealers. So, try to find a paver sealer for wet look that offers a long-lasting finish and doesn’t require reapplications on a yearly basis.

The Best Paver Sealer for Wet Look Offers Versatility…

One more important thing to consider when trying to find the right paver sealer is its versatility. Is the product you’re looking at flexible enough to be used indoors and outdoors (so, does it offer UV protection)? Will it protect against oil and other kinds of stains? Will it hold up under a variety of weather conditions? By purchasing a paver sealer for wet look that’s versatile, you’ll be able to save money by using it on your driveway, walkway, or even indoors, if needed.

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