Paver Sealers and Hardscape Coatings By Seal 'n Lock

Paver Sealers and Hardscape Coatings by Seal ‘n Lock are state-of-the-art, and address existing industry concerns regarding pavers turning white, durability, and high gloss retention without the toxicity and disposal considerations associated with solvent-based paver sealers. All of our cleaning, paver sealing products and hardscape coatings are VOC compliant in all 50 states.

Super-Wet Look® is a high solids, two-part water based pure urethane paver sealer that penetrates the pavers to provide a longer lasting protective barrier with superior joint stabilization (no need for polymeric sand) resulting in a ‘wet look.’ Super Wet is a user friendly and environmentally safe paver sealant. The high solids content of pure urethane wears evenly and lasts longer than solvent based paver sealers. Super Wet is available in 2 and 5 gallon kits.

Nano Technology – High solids urethane modified acrylic paver sealant for ultra enhancement. Ultra-Wet-Look paver sealer provides protection barrier and excellent joint stabilization, locking the sand into the joint. Fast-Drying.

Seal ‘n Lock Natural-Luster is a high solids, urethane modified acrylic paver sealant (with an algae and mold inhibitor) that penetrates the pavers to provide a protective barrier with superior joint stabilization (no need for polymeric sand) resulting in a natural luster. Natural-Luster® is user friendly and environmentally safe. Our solids content of urethane and acrylic wears evenly and will last as long as solvent based paver sealers.

Efflo­Re­mover from Seal n Lock is an organic acid which is used to remove efflo­re­cence (calcium carbonate) from brick pavers (a whitish residue that is some­times appar­ent on the sur­face of the pavers) and helps lift rust stains from the sur­face of the pavers. Our efflo­res­cence remover is user friendly and envi­ron­men­tally safe.

Efflo­Re­mover is avail­able in a 5 gal­lon pail.

Blend of environmentally friendly compounds formulated into a non-toxic, highly effective stripping system. This unique product contains 15% Bio-renewable carbon and has a high loading capacity, giving it the ability to fully strip surfaces in one application.

Bio-Strip is available in a 5 gallon pail.

Seal ‘n Lock Kick-Ass Degreaser is a powerful seven blend, fast acting, and environmentally safe industrial strength dissolving agent. It quickly lifts grease and petrochemical agents out of surface pores and breaks them down into safe biodegradable matter that can be washed away with water. 

Seal ‘n Lock Color Additive is a great way to bring older paver systems back to life, and works excellent with any of our brick paver sealing products and hardscape coatings. By simply adding the Seal ‘n Lock Color Additive concentrate to any of our water-based sealers, you can now easily add color to worn stamped concrete, brick pavers, and more.

Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive is a virtually invisible non-slip traction additive for paints, concrete sealers and hardscape coatings. Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive adds needed texture to coated surfaces to increase safety and reduce slip and fall accidents, especially when wet. Adding Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive to sealers and coatings will also help to hide minor surface imperfections, by adding a slight texture and reducing surface reflection.


Seal ‘n Lock bat­tery pow­ered Pail Pump Sys­tem is a com­plete paver sealer spray­ing sys­tem designed for use with Seal ‘n Lock Sys­tem paver sealers and paver protection products. The pail pump offers fast paver sealer appli­ca­tion, excel­lent porta­bil­ity, and fast, easy cleanup. The Shur­flo pump is built tough and has a spray rate of 1.0 GPM to make quick work of nearly any paver sealant application.

Wet-sanding is the most efficient and effective way of installing paver joint sand after installation, cleaning or restoration. Wet-sanding ensures tight, well compacted sand joints, which are key to maintaining the structural integrity of an interlocking brick paver installation. Paver sealing professionals use this specialized tip to achieve proper sand level, as it has a versatile flat spray pattern for wet sanding along walls, corners, and other areas.