Non-Slip Textured Polymer Additive From Seal 'n Lock

Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive is a virtually invisible non-slip traction additive for paints, sealers and coatings. Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive adds needed texture to coated surfaces to increase safety and reduce slip and fall accidents, especially when wet. Adding Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive to sealers and coatings will also help to hide minor surface imperfections, by adding a slight texture and reducing surface reflection.

What sets this specialized polycarbonate grip apart from other non-slip additives is it’s durability and optical clarity. When suspended in a clear coating, the particles become virtually invisible and will not distort or discolor patterns or graphics. It is also extremely durable and chemical resistant. The addition of Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive to a coating can easily increase the abrasion resistance of that surface by up to 50%. Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive is resistant to most acids, alkalis, solvents, grease, oil, gasoline, jet fuels, hydraulic fluids, detergents and alcohol. These qualities explain why this is the texturing agent used on the decks of ships and aircraft carriers around the world.

  • Increases Traction
  • Reduces Slip & Falls
  • Adds Texture
  • For Paints, Coatings and Sealers
  • Coverage: 2/3 cup / gallon or 1 pound / 5gallon pail
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All Seal ‘n Lock products are made of the most environmentally-friendly products available, and offer excellent weatherability, UV protection, and help prevent algae and mold. All of our cleaning and sealing products and specialty coatings are VOC compliant in all 50 states, and exceeds all hardscape product manufacturers minimum standards guidelines.



Add Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive to sealer, paint or coating. Approximately 2/3 cup per gallon is the normal average loading, but more or less can be used, depending on desired texture, type of coating used and number of coats to be applied.

If using Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive in a simple single component coating, it is not recommended to add it to the first coat. Apply first coat according to the manufacturer’s instructions without Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive to prime the surface and establish the strongest bond possible. After the first coat has dried according to the manufacturer’s instructions, additional coats can then be applied with Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive added.

If using in a high-performance product like a urethane, polyurea, polyaspartic or epoxy, Seal ‘n Lock Textured Polymer Additive may be added to all coats if desired.

Always apply to a test area before application to ensure texture, appearance, adhesion and compatibility are acceptable. All non-skid additives may shorten the life of the film to some degree.