World-Class Hardscape Sealing...All-In-One-Day

We pioneered the hardscape sealing industry, and we’re only getting better. See how our industry leading First 'All In One Day' Process™ is still the fastest and most reliable in the business.

Avoid These Simple Sealing Mistakes

When sealing hardscapes, it’s all in the details! Download our free guide to avoiding the 10 most common mistakes contractors make.
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Arm Your Business With the World's Best Hardscape Sealing System

Joint stabilization and protection from the elements are essential to making your hardscapes look incredible and stand the test of time.

That’s why Seal ‘n Lock pioneered a faster, simpler, and more reliable way to get it done!

Whether you’re looking to simplify your own sealing and restoration process or looking to add a new service to your offerings, our industry-best, The First ‘All In One Day’ Process™ makes the sealing simpler than ever. We provide hands-on, world-class training to help you become a Seal ‘n Pro.

Best-in-Class Sealing, All in Three Simple Steps

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Step 1: Clean

Power wash surfaces and joints to remove weeds, mildew, algae, dirt, old sand and debris.

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Step 2: Sand

Fill the joints with sand using our proprietary wet sanding technique to stabilize the interlocking pavers.

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Step 3: Seal

Apply Seal 'n Lock Sealer to lock the sand into the joints, form a protective barrier, and create a beautiful enhancement.

Pioneers in Hardscape Sealing Since 2004

When we debuted The First ‘All In One Day’ Process™, we set a new standard for the industry. Now, more than 15 years later, we’re proud to still be a leading force in helping contractors enhance and protect surfaces of all kinds.

Not only do we continue to provide the highest quality, environmentally friendly sealing materials, but we’re committed to helping contractors everywhere master the art and science of hardscape sealing through hands-on education and training.

Learn more about the Seal ‘n Lock story as well as the innovative sealing system that has helped us become one of the most trusted names in the industry for over a decade.


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