seal n lock non slip additive

Non-Slip Additives

The non-slip additive is added to the sealer to help inhibit slippery conditions especially for travertine and smooth finish concrete surfaces and clay brick. These surfaces can become very slippery when wet after they have been sealed. If you need more information, H&C Sharks Grip is the same thing. Ours is a finer grit and is designed to go through the pail pump system.

Color Additives

Bring fading surfaces back to life with our all-natural, environmentally friendly translucent tints. Our additives work seamlessly with any of our sealing products.

before and after pool deck sealer

Seal Like a Seasoned Pro

There is an art — and science — to masterfully using additives and sealing surfaces. Let our experienced experts show you the ins and outs of the trade through our hands-on educational programs. We’ll help you improve your expertise and become a Seal ‘n Pro.

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