Pail Pump Cleanout Instructions

Fresh water must be run through the pail pump before each use.

  1. Pail Pump must be cleaned out as soon as you are finished sealing.
  2. Use your metered pail for the clean-out. Use a scour pad after adding your clean-out solution to remove the urethane that will stick to the inside surface of the pail. You don’t want flakes of urethane floating in the liquid which then gets sucked up into the pump diaphragm, clogging the pump on the next use.
  3. Add three (3) ounces of Pine Sol to three (3) gallons of water.  Stir then flush through the pump system. Squeeze the handle (off & on) a few times during the clean-out process to help clean the handle assembly.
  4. Fill the pail with five (5) gallons of water and flush out the pump system.
  5. Pour one ounce of Pine Sol into one gallon of water, run through pump system and leave in pump until next application. (Make sure to clean pump out thoroughly with water before next use as to not contaminate the sealer).