Tinting Pavers

Seal ‘n Lock continues to develop new solutions and opportunities for contractors.  One such market under development is the tinting of pavers and concrete.

Semi-Translucent tint is designed to restore the natural look of the pavers.  Technicians must be a bit artistic and watch for the results they are looking for, applying the tinted sealer directly to the substrate a little at a time.  The goal is to put just enough tint on the exposed aggregate surface to obtain the desired amount of color.  Be very careful of overspray because it will be seen more than with clear sealers.

Tinting Process

  • Tinted sealers and or tint are available in basic colors: tan, gray, brown and red. Specialty colors can be produced by request.
  • Apply tinted sealer as a first coat directly to the substrate. Be very careful to apply consistently and use only enough to get the desired result.
  • Apply a 1:1 top coat (heavy to flood joints) of Super Wet Sealer. The top coat will protect the tinted surface. (Call for Tech support)

Color Theory

There is a learning curve that can involve experimentation, testing and the creation of samples.  Tints come in a variety of colors.  Many pavers come in blends of multiple colored pigments.  A good strategy is to pick the prominent color in the pavers that you want to bring out in the finished result and pick a tint color that will do just that.  Example, you have a red/charcoal blended paver.  You look at the home and landscape and decide that it would look best if the red was more prominent and vibrant.  If you apply a red tint, it will give you more prominent red and will also darken the charcoal.   Be careful not to apply too much tint, or you will end up with a monotone of red.

Always test in a small area.

Tinting requires an advanced ability to, “read the pavers” and apply coatings consistently.