Welcome to the Seal ‘n Lock Blog

Finding paver coating products that are environmentally friendly and allow you to complete in a fast and efficient manner is simple when you use products from Seal ‘n Lock. Our business is happy to provide you with sealers, degreasers, stripping systems, and more that are perfect for all outdoor areas.
When a property owner buys pavers, they are making a lifetime investment. Our team knows how important it is to maintain pavers, as we have worked in the industry. After using other products that require up to five days to complete the job, we started looking into alternatives. Our research took us all over the world. We worked with many chemical companies and eventually discovered the products that we offer today.
In addition to offering our quality products, our business provides training to show you and your team how to use these products properly. We hold events all over the country to cover our products and let you know how you can work all year long in a healthy environment and complete each job “all in one day.”
Take a look at the many products we offer. If you are having any issues with our products, we provide support to discuss techniques, equipment, and more.