A Stand-Alone Paver Restoration Business

A Stand-Alone Paver Restoration Business

Creating a specific business, or business unit:

Allows for the opportunity to focus on the development of the paver maintenance concept and the ability to become more efficient in a shorter amount of time.

Gain Additional Work

Pavement maintenance offers a great “up-sell” opportunity when selling paver installation or a host of other home services. Conversely, pursuing paver maintenance opportunities often compliments an existing paver or cleaning businesses with additional work in the main business line. In other words, it helps to sell more paver jobs. Remember to look for cracked driveways and ask customers what additional paver work they would like to have designed.

Leverage a Hidden Asset

One of the most valuable assets that a paver installation or cleaning business has is its customer list (Book of Business). Often this asset sits in a back-room file cabinet when it could be producing, literally, millions of dollars in sales. Start calling back customers from all the paver jobs you have built or other home services that you have performed and offer this additional service. Customers will appreciate that you care about them beyond the initial installation or service.

Build A Book of Residual Service Business

Additionally, it has been found effective to build annual service revenue by using a “Hardscape Maintenance Cleaning Contract”. By offering to clean a customer’s pavers or other concrete product surface annually and re-seal as needed, the customer is purchasing the comfort and benefits of a service relationship. They can be assured that the benefits they sought when purchasing their paver or other concrete product project will always be there.