The Top 5 Ideas for a Sitting Wall

The Top 5 Ideas for a Sitting Wall

If you’re looking for ideas for a sitting wall, look no further. We’ve got five great ideas that will turn your bland and boring backyard into a genuine relaxation destination! Whether you need something to complement a planned firepit, are hoping to create a retaining wall that does more than hold back dirt, or just want to design a beautiful – and practical – place to spend time with friends and family, we’ve got you covered.

So, read on to discover our top five ideas for a sitting wall…

1. Wrap-Around Fire Pit Sitting Wall

A fire pit can transform your uninteresting backyard into the kind of place where everyone wants to hang out. Whether there’s snow on the ground, and you want to stay warm and toasty… or you’re looking to roast marshmallows in the fall… or even if you just want to enjoy the fire on a cool summer night… fire pits have the power to create fun experiences all year long. And designing a wrap-around sitting wall can make your fire pit even more inviting and beautiful. With a sitting wall, you won’t have to pull out folding chairs or move rockers. Instead, your fire pit will always be ready for you and your friends to enjoy.

2. Patio Border Sitting Wall

A patio border sitting wall gives you the beauty of well-designed and defined edges to your patio, while also providing a convenient place for overflow seating during parties or other get-togethers. And by only building the wall along certain sides of the patio, you get these advantages while also leaving your patio open to your yard. This makes it one of the best options for large, spacious patios.

3. Sitting Wall with Backrest

Sitting walls are a great option for adding permanent, additional seating to your yard. But, if they’re nothing more than a low wall, they can be less than impressive – and they can make it difficult for older people to use with the lack of back support. That’s why you may want to consider adding a backrest to your sitting wall design. By adding a backrest, you’ll make them much more comfortable – even more so if you throw some pillows out for people to rest on!

4. Multi-Purpose Sitting & Retaining Wall

Don’t you think that – when possible – killing two birds with one stone is always a better option? This is why you may want to consider branching out in your search for ideas for a sitting wall. If you need to build a retaining wall and its location could double as a patio, a multi-purpose sitting and retaining wall may be a great option for you.

5. Fireplace Sitting Wall

Like a fire pit, an outdoor fireplace can make the difference between a boring atmosphere and a warm, inviting one. This effect can be multiplied by building a sitting wall around your outdoor fireplace, giving your friends and family a place to warm up and enjoy time together. In addition, the sitting wall can help give you the sense of an enclosed space, creating an even more enticing atmosphere.

These are just a handful of ideas for a sitting wall. What ideas have you seen implemented effectively? Let us know in the comments!

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