What’s the Average Cost of Driveway Pavers?

So, you’re looking to install a new driveway, walkway, or patio. Or maybe you’re in the process of repairing an old one. You’ve done a bit of research on pavers versus poured concrete. And you’ve decided to go with pavers. So now you want to know… “How much am I going to spend? What’s the cost of driveway pavers?”

It depends.

If you just want to know the average cost of the driveway pavers themselves, you’ll likely start at $2 per foot and move up from there. Pavers come in a wide variety of materials, from brick to concrete to porcelain to plastic. And you can find them in every shape known to man – rectangular, square, etc.

Depending on the complexity of the design and the material, prices for individual pavers can go all the way up to $10 – or more.

So, the easy answer is $2 to $10. But that’s not necessarily the whole story.

Unless you’re doing all the installation work yourself, you won’t be able to get by paying $10 per foot. The cost of driveway pavers for a full installation can run you between $15 and $40 per square foot, depending on who’s doing the work.

So, why is the cost of driveway pavers so much more than concrete slabs?

Installing driveway pavers takes more preparation and manpower than pouring concrete. And all that additional time and effort will cost you. When installing driveway pavers, there will have to be excavation work, grading, laying of several preparatory layers, compacting the pavers, sealing, and more.

Compare this with pouring concrete, which can be done with little more than excavation and grading work.

However, one of the benefits of paying that extra cost is the added beauty of a well-installed paver driveway or walkway, especially when sealed. And not only are they more pleasing to the eye, they don’t require time to cure and they’re much easier to repair. After all, if one of the pavers in your driveway develops a crack, you can replace it. If your concrete driveway develops a crack… well, it’s going to be a much bigger job.

So, even though you’re going to pay a little more upfront with driveway pavers, it may be worth it to you in the long run.

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