3 Patio Ideas for Concrete Slabs

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful patio. Not only do they make a great place to entertain friends and family, if used effectively, they can become just as much a part of your living space as any den or bedroom.

                But if you’re going to use this space regularly, you’ll want it to look as attractive as any other room in your home. And how can you do that when it’s little more than a concrete slab? There’s nothing eye-catching or beautiful about plain concrete.

Fortunately for you, your concrete patio doesn’t have to remain plain. By making use of these three patio ideas for concrete, you can transform your drab outdoor living room into a space that rivals the most beautiful in your home.

Patio Ideas for Concrete #1: Stamp It

                Even if you’ve already got a concrete slab out back, you can transform it into an attractive patio by stamping. All it requires is a quick resurface, followed by a stamp. And since you’ll only need to spend about $10 per square foot, it’s much cheaper than building a fancy new wooden deck. And not only that, but it will last longer and demand less work than a deck.

                One of the things that make stamped patios so attractive is concrete’s versatility. You can create designs that mimic everything from slate to pebbles. And with the many paints and finishes available to you, you can create a design for your patio that fits your home’s style perfectly.

                If you think this may be the route you want to go, let your mind run wild with this list of great ideas for stamping your patio!

Patio Idea for Concrete #2: Get Colorful

                If you don’t want to spend the money on a stamped concrete patio, you can always get some paint and brushes out, and add a splash of color to that drab, gray slab. This is an inexpensive and eye-catching way to make your patio stand out.

                If you are particularly good artist, you might be able to freehand it. But a more effective (and error-free) way to approach it would be to buy stencils. Some people have even created faux rug designs, complete with borders and a patchwork quilt-like look that covers the interior.

                One of the best things about using color to spice up your patio concrete is the fact that you have a nearly infinite number of colors to choose from. No matter what material or color your home is, there are paints that can complement and strengthen its look.

Patio Idea for Concrete #3: Add a Shine

                Concrete stains can transform an otherwise plain slab into something that sparkles and shines. Like paint, this can add a splash of color while also giving it a sheen that will catch every visitor’s eye. And since stains don’t cost a fortune, you can get by with upgrading your patio for less than $3 per square foot.

                You don’t have to settle for a plain gray patio. There are options available to you no matter what your budget or the current state of your patio. Whether you choose the stamped route or add some color with paint or a stain, your brand-new patio is only a decision away.