Choosing the Right Concrete Sealer for Countertops

                When first installed, concrete has a porous surface that allows dirt, food, and other contaminants to stain it. In addition, it will absorb water and even scratch easily. But when you find the right concrete sealer for countertops, you ensure that your concrete countertops will last for years to come.

What Should You Look for in a Concrete Sealer for Countertops?

                Unfortunately, finding the right sealer for your job is easier said than done. After all, there are dozens of sealers on the market to choose from. And until you understand how each works and what they’re best suited for, you’ll inevitably feel lost in a sea of decisions.

                After all, you can’t use a concrete sealer that’s design for flooring on your countertops. Sealers are designed to do particular jobs. And the needs of a flooring sealer are different from those of a countertop sealer.

                If you’re looking for a concrete sealer that’s going to be used on countertops that traffic in food and other substances that have the potential to stain, you’re going to want to find a heavy-duty sealer. Search for one that is colorless and food-safe, as well as being heat resistant (after all, you’ll be placing hot pots, dishes, and pans on it). And since you’ll likely be applying it indoors, you’ll want to make sure that it’s appropriate for indoor use and doesn’t include any dangerous chemicals.            

                As you look for your concrete sealer, you’ll want to think about the fact that sealers come in a wide variety of finishes. Whether you want a matte finish or something that’s more of a high-gloss, there is a sealer for you. Another thing you may want to consider when choosing your sealer, is finding one that cures quickly. Many traditional sealers take hours or even days to be fully cured. However, fast curing sealers are available which create countertops that are ready to use almost instantaneously after being exposed to a UV light.

Other Considerations When Choosing Your Concrete Sealer for Countertops

                In addition to the above, you’ll want to find a sealer that’s cost effective. Depending on the style of sealer you decide on, prices can vary wildly. While this won’t be your first consideration, it will definitely be something to think about as you browse sealer selections.

                You should also consider how easy it is to apply your sealer. When damage is done to a concrete countertop that’s been sealed, usually it’s only the sealer that is damaged. This allows you to easily repair your countertop with a new sealer overlay. And this is one of the reasons that it’s worth investing in a sealer that is simple to reapply.

                Once you’ve purchased the right concrete sealer for your countertops, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install it. Usually, it will require some specialized tools. But once you’ve got those, it’s not a particularly difficult task. It is worth noting though, that depending on how many coats you apply, and how you apply them, your finish can be drastically different.

                So be sure to follow the instructions needed to get the finish you want.