The Benefits and Beauty of Textured Concrete

                Traditionally, textured concrete required a skilled professional to finish wet concrete with a trowel and other tools. By dragging his tools across the concrete at different angles and using different swipe patterns, he could give the concrete a variety of patterns, from broom finishes to rock textures.

                But today, there are easier and less expensive ways to get the same effects. And it doesn’t require an expensive professional to get it done. Most modern textured concrete finishes are created using stamps that imprint a design onto the concrete while it’s setting. Since these molds can be designed to look like anything, they provide a great deal of versatility. They can create patterns that simulate slate, tile, stone, and even wood.

                With this in mind, you may want to consider a few reasons to incorporate textured concrete inside your home as well as outside.

Textured Concrete Provides Near-Endless Possibilities

                Textured concrete’s flexibility allows it to be used in dozens of different locations and ways. Unlike plain, poured concrete, textured concrete can be used inside and outside your home to great effect.

And not only can you create any kind of design you need, you can finish it with a wide variety of paints, stains, polishes, and more. This allows textured concrete to be just as easily used in a kitchen or bathroom as it is on a patio. And since the design and finish options are endless, it can match any style of decor.

Textured Concrete is an Affordable Option

                Unlike many other flooring options, textured concrete is incredibly affordable. Since it’s nothing more than concrete with a stamped design, you don’t have to worry about paying for expensive sealed pavers or hardwood. An installation is cheaper because it takes less time and effort to put in place. And the fact that it’s low-maintenance and easy to clean means you won’t be spending a fortune keeping it looking as good as new, well into the future.

Texture Concrete is More Durable than Competitors

                Keeping your flooring in great shape can be a major challenge, especially if you have kids in the house. This is one of the other reasons that textured concrete is a great option for internal and external uses. Unlike vinyl and laminate flooring, textured concrete isn’t easily scratched or damaged. And unlike carpet, it won’t wear down with heavy use. Not only will this keep it looking new longer, it will also save money as you won’t need to replace it nearly as often as you would with other flooring materials.

Textured Concrete is Environmentally Friendly

                Underneath your home’s carpet or hardwood flooring, you have a concrete subfloor. By foregoing the additional flooring material on top, and texturing the subflooring, you can build a home with less waste. And unlike carpets, vinyl, and certain woods, the designs created on textured concrete never go out of style.

                Hopefully, these thoughts have helped you think about textured concrete in ways that you haven’t before. Concrete isn’t just for driveways and patios. If textured effectively, it can be used just as well in the kitchen, a bathroom, or even the living room.