6 Edging Ideas for Landscaping

Edging is essential for a professional looking lawn. When well-defined edges aren’t in place, a front or backyard will end up looking unkempt and haphazard. Even if you have beautiful shrubs, flowers, and trees in place, proper edging really can make or break the curb appeal of your home. That’s why we want to spend a few minutes today looking at some edging ideas for landscaping your front or backyard.

Cinder Block Edging Ideas for Landscaping

If you’re primarily concerned with price, cinder blocks can be a great tool for edging your flowerbeds. No, they aren’t the most attractive option. However, they’re incredibly affordable and, with a little bit of creativity, you can color them or otherwise decorate them, so they no longer look like boring, gray blocks and they begin looking truly beautiful. And if you fill the holes in with dirt and flowers, you can create a flowerbed border around your larger flowerbeds or shrubs.

Terracotta Pot Edging Ideas for Landscaping

Another potentially affordable option for edging a bed in your lawn is to use terracotta pots. You can set them inside one another and create a caterpillar-like structure that’s flexible and can edge any area you might imagine. Plus, their earthy color will complement any surrounding greenery well.

Scrap Wood Edging Ideas for Landscaping

Here’s one more inexpensive, green way to get some edging done that offers a more rustic look. If you can find a stash of old wood (maybe a house that’s recently been torn down), you can cut the wood into pieces and set those pieces upright in front of your beds. Then, get longer pieces of wood and push them up against the upright pieces, holding them in place and leaving you with a nice, rustic edge.

Stone Edging Ideas for Landscaping

Few edging ideas for landscaping are as classic and elegant as stone. And since stone comes in such a variety of different styles, colors, and textures, you really can create any look imaginable – if you’re willing to pay the price. And that’s the biggest drawback when it comes to stone. The price can quickly rise to levels that you may not want to pay. However, if you have the budget, few materials offer the beauty of stone edging.

Brick Edging Ideas for Landscaping

Another classic option is to use bricks for your edging. In fact, you can use bricks or pavers to create edging as well as walkways throughout your yard. Since these materials generally have a very strong contrasting color (though not something that’s so vibrant it looks garish) when compared to grass, they are just enough to make a plain looking yard come alive.

Concrete Edging Ideas for Landscaping

Concrete is a versatile material that can offer a graceful or rough look to your edging, depending on how you implement it. You can use pieces of broken concrete like you would stone to create a more rough look. Or, you can pour concrete to form a border that has a curved edge, almost like a curb. And since poured concrete can be shaped any way, the options and possibilities really are endless when considering concrete ideas.

No matter what your budget or style, there’s an edging idea out there for you. All it takes is a little creativity and a lot of experimentation.