What are the Most Important Pressure Washer Parts?

If you’ve got a pressure washer that’s not acting quite right, there could be any number of problems. After all, pressure washers are complex machines with a lot of interconnected pieces that need to be functioning well – and together – in order to give you the high-powered water jet you need.

Some pressure washer parts are more obvious than others. For example, the spray gun, hose, and tip are all plain. You can generally see whether there’s a problem with one of these pressure washer parts. But what about the pieces that are less blatant?

Let’s take a look at all of the important pieces that make up your average pressure washer. If your machine is acting up, or you’re looking to boost the effectiveness of it, these are the parts that you’ll want to look at…

Pressure Washer Parts: Pumps

Your pressure washer’s pump is its heart. If it quits working, nothing else matters. Without a well-oiled pump, none of your water will make it to the gun, let alone out onto the concrete or siding you’re trying to clean. As a result, it’s essential that you have a pump that’s in good working order.

This is especially true since pumps wear out like any other piece of hardware. Fortunately, when your pump kicks the bucket, you can get a replacement to keep your unit from going in the garbage can. Note that, when looking for a pump, you’ll need to know the style of pump your pressure washer uses. Axial, triplex, and fully plumbed are all popular types of pumps that can be found in consumer pressure washers.

Pressure Washer Parts: Hoses & Guns

Along with a pump, your pressure washer’s hose and gun is one of its most necessary parts. A quality high pressure hose will last a long time and give you a steady flow of water for hours and hours of use. And if you need extra length, you can find pressure hoses in a variety of sizes.

Likewise, spray guns come in many varieties, shapes, and styles. Not only do they have the ability to provide different kinds of jets (depending on the tip used), some guns have additional features such as trigger locks and auto shut off.

Pressure Washer Parts: Ball Valves

A ball valve is a convenient attachment to have for your pressure washer. By hooking it up between your spray gun and the hose that runs to your unit, you can quickly and easily stop the flow of water so that different guns or attachments can be added without having to stop your pressure washer. If you’re working on a variety of surfaces and need to quickly move between a spray gun and a water broom, for example, a ball valve is essential.

Pressure Washer Parts: Adapters

Pressure washer adapters give you the ability to add different spray guns to your pressure washer. These parts will help you use a single unit for a variety of uses. By using one of these adapters, you can try many different kinds of spray guns and find the perfect one for you.

In addition to these pressure washer parts, you may want to look into additional wands, lances, and tips so that you can reach every area around your home – no matter how difficult.

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