Paver Sealing Cost per Square Foot

“What will paver sealing cost per square foot?”

If you’ve gotten your new paver patio, walkway, or driveway installed, that’s probably the question that’s on your mind.

After all, sealing your pavers will ensure that they last longer than they otherwise would. Your sealed pavers will be better protected against grease, dirt, and grime. They’ll be easier to clean and less likely to wind up with permanent stains.

But that’s not all, sealed pavers are also better protected against weeds and unwanted movement. In other words, there are myriad benefits to having your patio, walkway, or driveway sealed.

But even with all of those benefits, if the paver sealing cost per square foot is too much… you may reconsider having it done. After all, unsealed pavers will work in a pinch – especially if the cost is going to send you way out of budget.

As nice as it would be to offer a simple, flat rate for paver sealing, that’s not possible. There are far too many variables that go into pricing this kind of job. However, we can go over some of the main factors that impact pricing as well as offer an average (with the caveat that your price may differ from the average, depending on your particular circumstance).

Your Pavers’ Location

The price for having someone seal your brick pavers is somewhat contingent on where they’re located. If you’re looking to have your driveway sealed, it will likely cost slightly less than if you’re having a far back patio done. It’s all a matter of how difficult it is to access the area that you want sealed.

Your Pavers’ Material

Depending on what your pavers are made of (whether clay, concrete, or something else), the paver sealing cost per square foot could fluctuate. Different materials call for different kinds of sealer as well as methods for applying and cleaning. And beyond this, you have to take into account whether your sealer is wet look, natural, etc. All of these variables can impact the final cost of your sealer job.

Your Pavers’ Porousness

The level of your pavers’ porosity can impact the final cost per square foot because you may have to use more sealer to cover a more porous paver. And more sealer means more money.

Your Paver Area’s Size

Finally, the size of the area that you’re wanting to seal will play a role in how much it costs you to get your pavers sealed. And not just because a larger area means you’ll need more sealer. Just like buying in bulk, when you choose to seal a larger area, most installers will lower their cost per square foot.

These are the primary factors that will impact paver sealing cost per square foot. Though there is one more thing to consider: your location.

If you’re in the Northeast or California, you may find the per square foot price reaching up to $3.00. Meanwhile, in Florida, the paver sealing cost per square foot tends to hover around $1.50. If you’d like to get a more detailed estimate, you can use this calculator.

So, keep all of these things in mind as you look for someone to seal your pavers!

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