What is the Best Paver Sealer for your Pool Deck?

Along with a white picket fence and a playful dog, there’s something about a backyard swimming pool that evokes the American Dream. Swimming pools (and hot tubs) offer a place to relax, exercise, and enjoy the great outdoors. They make a great location for a party… or a simple, lazy afternoon.

There’s just something about having a backyard pool – whether you’re single or have a big family.

The only real drawback to owning a pool is the necessary maintenance. And let’s be honest, a pool requires a lot of maintenance – pumps, filters, chlorinators, skimmers, and more. And that’s just the maintenance that’s needed for the pool itself.

What about the area surrounding your pool? Depending on what your pool deck or patio is made of, maintenance can vary wildly. After all, wood is very different from stone or brick. And the necessary maintenance requirements will differ just as much.

Maintaining your pool deck pavers…

If your pool deck is made with pavers, one of the foundations for quality maintenance is choosing and applying an effective sealer. By sealing your pool deck’s pavers, you’ll ensure that unwanted stains don’t run into the pores of your pavers, leaving permanent marks. In addition, you’ll have a patio that stays where you installed it instead of shifting or moving.

If you’re going to maintain your pool deck for as long as possible, you’ll want to think about sealing (and resealing) it with a high-quality paver sealer.

But you may be wondering, what’s the best paver sealer for my pool deck?

What’s the best wet look paver sealer for pool decks?

First, you should consider looking for a paver sealer that doesn’t have a high gloss. Glossy finishes tend to create more slick and slippery surfaces. And that’s the last thing you’ll want around your pool. After all, you and your family or friends will likely spend a lot of time walking (and maybe even running) around your pool with wet feet. A high gloss finish will only increase the chances of someone slipping and hurting themselves.

With this said, it is possible to get a wet look without dealing with the dangers of gloss. Several sealers are available to give you just this kind of finish. Seal ‘n Lock’s Super-Wet-Look is a water-based sealer that leaves pavers with a high-contrast, wet look that doesn’t include much gloss at all (if any). The main drawback to it is the fact that it can be a little more expensive than other brands. However, if you’re looking for the best wet look paver sealer for your pool deck, this is your number one option.

What’s the best non-wet look paver sealer for pool decks?

On the other hand, you may want a paver sealer that offers a more natural finish. If you’re pleased with the look of your pool deck or patio, you can use most any sealer that doesn’t offer a wet look. These sealers will still give you the protection you want without creating a dangerous situation for wet, running feet.

Whatever you do, make sure to seal your pool deck’s pavers. It’s guaranteed to ensure that your pool deck remains in the best possible condition well into the future.

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