Wet Look Paving Sealant: Read this Before Applying

If you’re looking to transform your mundane paver patio, walkway, driveway, or other space into something that will catch every neighbors’ eyes, wet look paving sealant should be one of the first options you check out. Not only will it protect your pavers against unsightly stains, fading due to direct sunlight, and unwanted vegetation growth, it will make your pavers shine like never before. In short, wet look paving sealant is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Once you’ve decided to take advantages of the many benefits of wet look sealer, you’ll want to begin the process of deciding on a product, applying it, and maintaining it. In this guide, we’ll give you everything you need to do before you begin applying sealant to your pavers…

Decide on a Wet Look Paving Sealant.

Since there are dozens of wet look paving sealants out there, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide on an option. Both water- and solvent-based wet look paving sealants are available. In the past, water-based sealants didn’t offer the same level of gloss; however, today you can find water-based sealants that provide that same wet look without the environmental and health hazards associated with solvent-based sealers.

Although we think you should do your own research before making your final decision, we can recommend Super Wet Look Paver Sealer from Seal \’n Lock as a great option. It provides a quality wet look while offering the many benefits of a water-based sealer.

Determine how much sealant you’ll need.

After you’ve decided on a product, you’ll need to measure the area of the space you’re hoping to cover so you can purchase enough sealant to comprehensively cover it. You should be able to find out how much space any particular sealant will cover by looking at the label or by visiting the manufacturer’s website. For example, Super Wet Look Paver Sealer will cover approximately 150 to 200 sq.ft. per gallon. Once you’ve purchased your sealant, you’re almost ready to begin sealing your pavers.

Purchase any necessary equipment/material.

In order to effectively seal your pavers, you’ll need a couple pieces of equipment.

First, you’ll need something to clean your pavers with. Depending on how soiled they are, you may want to take advantage of a power washer (you can rent one if you don’t want to purchase one). You can also find cleaning agents that are specially designed to remove stains from pavers.

Second, you’ll want to purchase some joint sand to put in between your pavers. Sand will help maintain long-term stability to your paver space. You can find normal paver sand as well as polymeric sand. However, if you use a quality paver sealer, you shouldn’t need to go the polymeric sand route. The wet look paving sealant will not only protect your pavers, it will also lock your sand into place.

Third, you’ll need to find a garden sprayer that you can use to apply your wet look paving sealant. Although you can purchase a sprayer that’s designed for sealant, as long as you use a water-based sealant, you shouldn’t have any problems using a normal garden sprayer.

Once you’ve finished following these simple steps, you’ll be ready to begin sealing your pavers. The only other thing you’ll want to do before getting started is check the weather report. You don’t want to get the ball rolling only to be delayed by a sudden rainstorm.