How to Prepare Your Yard for Landscaping

Your yard is full of potential. Landscaping allows you to use your creativity to realize some of that potential. Before you really buckle down and get to your project’s actual landscaping part, however, there is some yard cleanup you need to do to prepare your yard first.

Kill Weeds

Weeds can be defined most simply as any plants you don’t want or find desirable. They take up precious room, nutrients, and water that should be reserved for plants you actually want to have in your yard. Depending on your preference, and perhaps even the weed itself, you can kill the weeds by using a weed killer designed for the type of plant you’re trying to target, or you can dig them out yourself. The latter can be a great option if you like the plant but don’t care for its current location or if you’re opposed to using weed killer.

Remove Tree Stumps

If you want your landscaping project to go smoothly, literally, make sure you get rid of any tree stumps you have on your property. Tree stumps are often prone to disease and pests. They can also be quite dangerous. It’s easy to trip over them, and they can be apt to grow fungi, all of which can pose a danger, most especially to children and pets. You can use multiple tricks and techniques to remove a tree stump if you want to do it yourself. If you don’t, there are tree and stump removal professionals who can handle it for you.

Treat Any Diseased Plants

Part of your landscaping project likely involves introducing new plant life to your yard. It would help if you took measures before starting your project to ensure that those plants will be free from diseases. That means identifying diseased plants and treating them before you add your new plants. The measures needed to treat the condition will depend on what you’re dealing with. Some may only require a fungicide treatment, while others will require you to remove and destroy the entire plant to eradicate it. If you’re not sure what you’re dealing with, do some research or consult an expert for advice.

Landscaping a yard is a wonderful project that can do great things for your home’s aesthetic and market value. To have the most successful project possible, it’s necessary to prepare your yard before landscaping it. Taking steps like killing weeds, removing tree stumps, and treating any diseased plants will help ensure your project’s success.

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