First Time Paver Owners

You were so excited when you finally took the leap and had those amazing pavers installed in your driveway or pool deck. But now, just a short time later, they look dull, stained, or mildewed. Remember pavers are a great investment in your home, but like so many other parts of your home, you will need to do a little maintenance and plan ahead if you want them to continue to look great.

One of the best ways to keep your pavers looking and functioning well is to apply a paver sealer. But why use sealer at all? Let’s take a look at some important reasons why.

  • Most people choose pavers because they love the look instead of the dull, concrete or rock surfaces around their home.
  • Depending on the product used, applying sealer can provide a glossy or even more subdued finish.
  • Sealer does not alter the color of the material but instead can help to highlight the natural hue of the material.
  • UV protectent can be found in most paver sealants and can help stop the sun from fading the color of the pavers.
  • Most pavers are made of natural stones and materials and so, will show some signs of wear over time. Rust, dirt, mildew, and stains can appear. Sealers fill the pores of the surfaces preventing these corrosive elements from penetrating beyond the surface.
  • Freezing water can expand and crack pavers. But with sealing, the water can’t penetrate and the threat is minimized.
  • Especially with softer pavers materials, sealant can help extend the life of the paver material.
  • When applied correctly, paver sealant can protect the cracks between the pavers, inhibiting growth of weeks.
  • A coat of paver sealant helps repel oil, grease, grimes, and stains
  • Routine cleaning is easier when you remember pavers bring value to your home
  • Sealant can make your pavers less susceptible to cracking and loosening. Loose or misaligned pavers can become a trip hazard if someone stumbles and falls
  • A good coating of paver sealer can deter ants from burrowing in and building a home
  • Water drainage is important for your paved areas. Unsealed pavers trap and absorb water leading to possible water damage and erosion. Sealing creates a smooth surface where water can roll off.

It’s best to choose a quality sealant from the beginning if you want the longevity of your pavers. Inexpensive sealants are thinner and wear down more quickly. Better sealants are thicker and more durable. It’s smarter to start out with a better application initially so that any future maintenance or recoats are easier.

Remember, pavers were a smart investment in the appearance and value of your home, and with good, quality paver sealing, you will be able to enjoy all the natural beauty that pavers have to offer for many years to come.