Customized Marketing Materials

Customize these Seal ‘n Lock materials with your own contact information! Use the file links and instructions below. Please read our disclaimer regarding usage of these materials.

TWO FORMATS of these files are available:

  • A Microsoft Word file that can be customized to include your logo and contact information.
  • A PDF file that can be printed out, and then customized using either a stamp or sticker that shows your logo and contact information.


Preparing Your Microsoft Word Files

(use when you want to add your contact information/logo using WORD)

  1. Download the WORD files using the links below, and save them to your desktop.
  2. Open each file in Microsoft Word by double-clicking on it.
  3. The file will look slightly gray on your screen, but will print out in full, vivid color.
  4. Locate the customizable field on each page.
  5. In this field, type in your address, phone number, web site and email address.
  6. To import your logo into this customizable field, click once on the box, and go to the INSERT menu in Word.
  7. Choose PICTURE from the menu, and then the FROM FILE option.
  8. Locate your logo and click INSERT. Select a high-resolution image, or one that is 300 dpi (this is the preferred format for printing).
  9. Adjust the size of the logo as needed.
  10. When finished, select SAVE from the FILE menu.
  11. Print as many brochures are you’d like, or save the file to a CD and take this CD to your commercial printer to have copies made.
 Printing PDF Files
(use when you do not have WORD)
  1. Download the PDF files using the links below, and save them to your desktop.
  2. Open each file in Acrobat Reader by double-clicking on it. (If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download a FREE copy of this application by clicking HERE.)
  3. Print both pages, customize the printout by placing pre-printed stickers or an ink-stamped image in the blank areas.



Use for customer quotes and helpful tips to leave with the customer.



To use as a brochure, customize and print both pages, or use as an ad by printing only page 1.


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Customized Brochure

SDS Sheets

DISCLAIMER: Seal ‘n Lock System Corp. grants authorized Seal ‘n Lock System Technicians the right to use these materials only for the purpose of selling Seal ‘n Lock System products and services . Paver Saver Company reserves all trademark and copyright of its logos, trade names, images, ad copy, text, and similar identifying material. Under no circumstances should anyone modify, change, or alter these materials without expressed written permission.