Seal 'n Lock Ultra-Wet-Look® is an advanced sealer with Nano Technology, high solids, low VOC water based urethane modified acrylic for a wet look enhancement. Penetrates the pavers and provides a protective barrier with excellent joint stabilization. Ultra-Wet-Look® is formulated to seal products made to ASTM C-936 specifications and an absorption rate of 5% or less. Pavers with higher absorption rate will require additional application(s) of sealer.

Seal n Lock Ultra Wet Look Paver Sealer

ESTIMATING GUIDE: Typically, the application rate will vary from 150 to 175 sq. ft. per gallon; however, this rate will vary depending on the texture and absorption rate of the pavers and the width of the paver joints.

Ultra Wet Look®  Product SDS

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: We recommend wearing protective goggles and latex gloves. For best results, apply Ultra-Wet-Look® at temperatures between 50° F and 90° F. In cooler conditions, the sealer should be warmed to approximately 70° F. Do not apply if surface or ambient temperature is below 50°F. If temperature is going to drop below freezing (32° F) make sure sealer has time to cure. A test for compatibility, penetration, and adhesion is recommended. Do not seal if rain is in the near forecast.


Pavers with high absorption will require additional coats of sealer to provide protective barrier & desired enhancement
Ultra-Wet-Look® is not intended for submerged surfaces
Too much sealer may induce a slippery condition
Do not seal if rain is in the near forecast


1. Pressure Washing: Pressure wash the area to be sealed, ensuring that surfaces are clean and free of oil, efflorescence, laitance or contaminants prior to beginning the sealing process. Remove at least 1 to 2 inches of the old joint sand so new coarse sand can be replaced between the paver joints.

2. Rinsing: Rinse the pavers with water. If any acids/cleaners were used during the cleaning phase, make sure that the acids and cleaners are thoroughly rinsed before sealing.

3. Sanding: We recommend wet sanding with coarse fractured sand (C140) for joint sanding. Broadcast joint sand over the pavers. Rinse the sand into the paver joints to 1/8” below the chamfer edge of the pavers. See the video in our Educational Library www.sealnlock.com for more details. Also, you may sweep the sand into the paver joints, but must wait for the paver to dry. Use a leaf blower to blow off any residual sand left on the surface of the pavers.

4. Sealing: Ultra-Wet-Look® may be applied even though the pavers are damp, but cannot be applied to pavers in standing water, as the sealer will not cure and stabilize the joint sand.
MIXING: Ultra-Wet-Look® may be diluted to 1 part water and 1 part sealer for the first coat (Flood Coat for joint stabilization) and the topcoat may be applied 1 part water to 1 part sealer, or straight without dilution for an Ultra-Wet-Look® appearance. Mix and stir prior to use. We recommend multiple coats for extremely absorbent pavers. Using our battery operated pail pump system or pump sprayer, uniformly apply a flood coat of sealer for joint stabilization. Hold sprayer tip 10” – 12” from the paver surface (avoid overspray on adjacent surfaces, rinse any overspray with water). Ultra-Wet-Look® appears white when applied but dries crystal clear. Make sure to apply sealer consistently to prevent blotching. (Back rolling is recommended for consistency) Pavers with polymeric sand, we recommend two even consistent coats of sealer diluted 1 part water to 1 part sealer without flooding the paver joints. Use a leaf blower to blow out any excess sealer that puddles in the paver joints or low lying areas with textured pavers and or natural stone.

5. Resealing Existing Sealed Pavers: Ultra-Wet-Look® may be applied over existing sealed pavers, as long as there is no delaminating (peeling) of existing sealer and is worn evenly. If there are any shiny areas or areas that are white from solvent base sealer we recommend stripping the existing sealer before applying our Ultra-Wet-Look®. Call your distributor for technical support in regard to the stripping process.

DRYING TIME: Ultra-Wet-Look® will normally dry in sunny areas within approximately a few hours. Shaded areas, lower temperatures or high relative humidity will slow the drying process. The surface may be open to foot traffic in 4 hours and to vehicular traffic in 48 hours. To minimize tire marks, vehicles should not make sudden stops or tight turns. Always check for tackiness before foot and especially vehicle traffic.

MAINTENANCE: Periodic washing of the pavers with a mild detergent to keep the area clean is recommended. DO NOT USE ACIDS. Gasoline, hydraulic fluids, and motor oil spills should be removed from the surface of the pavers. We recommend that surfaces previously sealed should be pressure washed, re-sanded and resealed every 2 to 3 years depending on environmental exposure and traffic.

CLEANUP: Immediately flush pump system after use with water.

CAUTION: Too many coats of sealer may induce a slippery condition. May cause skin and eye irritation. Do not take internally. Wear a mask so you don’t breathe in the sealer. All label directions should be read thoroughly before use. Also, see our Education Library at SealnLock.com. and watch the application video. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN